Optic neuritis is a severe eye condition that causes inflammation and damage to the optic nerve. It can result in blurred vision, loss of vision, and even blindness. With the rise of vaccinations, some people have started to question whether optic neuritis can be caused by vaccines.

In this article, we're going to take a closer look at optic neuritis, vaccine injury, and what to do if you believe you have suffered from optic neuritis as a result of receiving a vaccine.


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What is Optic Neuritis?

Optic neuritis is a condition involving the inflammation of the optic nerve, which carries visual information from the eye to the brain. It can cause pain (especially with eye movement), blurred vision, loss of color vision, and blindness. It occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the myelin sheath covering the optic nerve and can be caused by a variety of factors including autoimmune conditions, infections, drugs, and vaccines.

Which Vaccines Can Cause Optic Neuritis?

Some vaccines have been linked to optic neuritis. More specifically, influenza and HPV vaccines have been associated with optic neuritis the most.

What Should You Do If You Experience Optic Neuritis after Receiving a Vaccine?

If you experience any symptoms of optic neuritis after receiving a vaccine, it's essential to seek medical attention immediately. Your doctor can perform a thorough exam and order imaging tests to determine why you are experiencing symptoms as well as what condition (if any) you are suffering from. If optic neuritis is detected, your doctor may recommend treatments such as corticosteroids or plasmapheresis to reduce inflammation and restore vision.

Can You Receive Financial Compensation for Your Injury?

If you believe you experienced optic neuritis as a result of receiving a vaccine, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), you can file a petition asking for compensation for your injuries. You must file this petition within three years of the first onset of symptoms. Also, the NVICP only pays out claims for injuries that last over six months.

If you are successful in proving a vaccine caused your optic neuritis, you may receive compensation for such things as:

  • Past and future medical treatment

  • Past and future wage loss

  • Past and future pain and suffering

The amount of compensation varies depending on the extent and severity of your symptoms.

The Experienced Vaccine Injury Lawyers at DuPont & Blumenstiel Are On Your Side

While vaccines help protect against some diseases, they are capable of causing serious adverse reactions, including optic neuritis. The attorneys at DuPont and Blumenstiel are experienced in navigating the complex system that is the NVICP. If you believe you have developed optic neuritis as a result of receiving a vaccine, please call us at 614-389-9711.


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