Business Law

Corporate Formation and Advising

The attorneys at Dupont & Blumenstiel, LLC help businesses to incorporate, form a limited liability company, or join a partnership with attention to limiting personal liability exposure and tax consequences. We also provide legal advice and assistance to a wide variety of businesses throughout Ohio.

Business Litigation 

The term "business litigation" can mean a variety of things. The most common types of business litigation include the following: disputes surrounding the assets and/or control of a business, breach of contract claims, misappropriation of trade secrets, violations of non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, compliance issues, and business torts such as fraud, misrepresentation, conversion, and interference with contracts. All of these types of claims vary in their complexity and risk. We can provide cost-effective strategies and legal solutions. We work to understand the unique complexities of your business so we can best represent your interests at trial, on appeal, or during settlement discussions. We are prepared, responsive, and able to protect your company's rights at every level of the litigation process.

Breach of Contract

This area involves claims that one party to a business contract failed to abide by his/her contractual obligations, which resulted in damages to the other party or parties to the contract.

Business Torts Litigation

This area involves situations in which one person or entity interferes with another's business relationships or contracts, disrupts another's employment relationship, or otherwise unfairly tries to disrupt business opportunities for another person or business.

Fraud and Misrepresentation

Sometimes in the business setting, a person may mislead another or provide false information to another business person, who relies on that information to his/her detriment. If you are the victim of such fraud or misrepresentation, or if you are falsely accused of committing such actions, we can provide legal assistance.

Non-Compete and Confidentiality Disputes

We can provide useful assistance to anyone who is involved in a dispute associated with a non-compete or confidentiality agreement.