Defective Products and Medical Devices

It's one thing when a product defect is brought to the attention of a manufacturer and that manufacturer quickly alerts the public. It's another thing when a manufacturer becomes aware of potential defects and does nothing

A company's bottom line isn't more important than the health and safety of those using the company’s products. If you were seriously injured by a defective product or medical device, the experienced Ohio Product Liability Attorneys at DuPont & Blumenstiel can help. 

Many of our clients have been injured by defective car parts, children's products, household items, medical devices, and heavy machinery. Regardless of how your injury occurred, your main concern should be getting better. We are here to ensure that happens. The experienced product liability attorneys at DuPont & Blumenstiel will work tirelessly to hold the manufacturer accountable for the harm they've caused you, so you can get back to normal life as quickly as possible. 

I was hurt by a defective product, what do I do now? 

If you or a loved one were injured by a defective product, there are several steps you can take to maximize your recovery and protect your future claim.

  • Save the product, its packaging, and any instructions that came with it. In the early stages of your claim, experts will need to examine the product and figure out how and why it caused harm. 
  • Keep the receipt or proof of purchase. Without this important document, defense attorneys will try to argue that you never purchased the product from them and will try to shift the blame to someone else. 
  • Call an experienced personal injury attorney. Fighting a corporation or big business requires expert help. The sooner you begin working with a lawyer, the less likely that mistakes will be made. The statute of limitations on these types of cases is just two years. Don't wait to call. 

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You Could Receive Compensation For... 

  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • And possibly more, based on your case 

Types of Product Liability Claims 

Product liability is an area of law under the personal injury umbrella. It is based on the principle that products should be reasonably safe for the people who use them as they are intended. When a product becomes unsafe because of defects, and someone gets hurt, that person can seek compensation from the manufacturer of the product or the supplier who put it on the market. There are three common types of product liability claims that victims pursue. 

  • Manufacturing Defects. As the name implies, this is a type of defect that happens during the manufacturing process. There is no problem with the design of the product itself, yet the particular one that caused harm was improperly made. To receive compensation, you must prove that the product that caused your injuries is different from the standard product that the company produces. An example of this type of defect is a child's toy that came out of the factory missing a screw, causing the toy to break and injuring the child. 
  • Design Defects. This type of product is unsafe by design. If the foreseeable risks of using the product outweigh the benefits, the manufacturer is liable. An example of a design defect would be an airbag that is designed in a way that makes it prone to exploding when deployed. 
  • Warning Defects. Some products are dangerous by nature, even when they are designed and made properly. When a manufacturer fails to properly warn the consumer of the risks involved in using their product, the consumer can sue for damages. Manufacturers must include warnings on certain potentially dangerous products. For example, makers of electrical appliances must include a warning label to instruct consumers not to use their products in water. If a warning is not provided, the manufacturer is held liable for any injuries that may occur as a result. 

Pinpointing the exact nature of a product's defect can be difficult to determine and prove on your own. For that reason, defective product cases in Ohio should be handled by experienced product liability lawyers. At DuPont & Blumenstiel, our attorneys have extensive knowledge about defective product and medical device cases. We are experienced in helping victims receive the maximum compensation possible for their injuries. 

The Ohio Product Liability Lawyers at DuPont & Blumenstiel have specific experience in: 

  • Product Recalls. We can explain to you how a product being recalled can affect your claim. 
    Defective car parts. Defective car parts such as exploding fuel tanks and airbags can cause serious injuries. Our attorneys will work to hold the manufacturers of defective car parts accountable for their negligence. 
  • Defective household products. Many household products, especially those containing chemicals and electrical parts, can be hazardous. If you, or your property, were harmed by a defective household product, we can help. 
  • Defective children's products. Unfortunately, children are sometimes harmed by defective products such as car seats, toys, and clothing. If your child was injured by a defective product, we will fight for justice on their behalf. 
  • Defective machinery and equipment. Defective construction, agricultural, and industrial equipment can all cause serious injury. If a loved one died due to injuries from a defective piece of equipment, a wrongful death claim may even be appropriate. 

If you have been injured by a defective product or medical device, the attorneys at DuPont & Blumenstiel can help. We have access to experts including doctors, nurses, and other professionals to help prove your case. We are dedicated to holding people and companies accountable for their negligence. Give us a call at 614-389-9711.