Dealing with issues relating to aging can be very complex. We work with families to try to protect what they have accumulated from unnecessary loss. Effectively dealing with Elder Law issues involves resolving issues related to real estate, income, estate, and gift taxation, as well as trust, estate, insurance and Medicaid laws and regulations.

In addition to explaining and advising regarding the role that wills, powers of attorney, living wills, revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts, play in the process we can provide you with assistance with nursing home asset protection planning, Medicaid planning, the nursing home application process and the Medicaid application process.

We have decades of experience in dealing with the legal, practical and difficult questions and concerns facing clients who are dealing with the complications of aging. Whether it is considering the best way to pass assets to the next generation, protect themselves or protecting a spouse we are there with experience advice and counsel to protect your interests.

Our Estate Planning and Elder Law team helps our clients implement plans ranging from very simple to complex with advice and documents appropriate for their particular planning needs, including:

In most instances the fees for these services are charged on a flat fee and not hourly basis.

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Attorney Gregory S. DuPont PortraitGREGORY S. DUPONT, ELDER LAW ATTORNEY

Greg DuPont, JD, CFP®, is a well-respected estate attorney, financial advisor, public speaker, and published author. He has been serving clients as an estate and tax planning attorney since graduating from Capital University Law School in 1992 and added a wealth component to his practice over 15 years ago. He designed his firm to be the place where finance and law meet. He has been named one of Ohio’s Top 100 lawyers and was also recently named an Ohio Super Lawyer. Greg has been featured on WTVN radio and WCMH television. He is a life-long resident of Central Ohio and resides in Hilliard with his wife, Julia, and his daughter, Sophie.