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A Well-Rounded Team

Greg doubles as an estate planning attorney and Braden earned a Master's degree in clinical psychology. As attorneys, we are well-suited to protect your pocketbook and present you effectively in the courtroom.

Serving You Throughout Ohio

We assist estate planning clients around the Central Ohio area and personal injury victims across the state. Additionally, we now represent victims of vaccine injuries throughout the country. 

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We can help you determine which area of law you need help with and get you in touch with an expert attorney in that area.

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Your attorney will talk with you about your legal needs and create an action plan, giving you peace of mind that the matter will be taken care of.

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If you are interested in estate planning, our team will prepare those documents for you, so you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your wishes will be carried out.

If you have a litigation case, our team will take the next necessary steps so you can focus on recovering.

Gregory S. DuPont


If you’ve been dreading the thought of putting together an estate plan, Greg is the guy you want on your side. “Solve it and get it done” is the motto he lives by. Greg will make the process as painless as possible without cutting any corners. He makes sure your money supports your life the way you want it to.

Discover how Greg can help build, protect, and transfer your wealth.

Braden A. Blumenstiel


The law gives Braden a pragmatic way to solve problems using his background in clinical psychology. He is a talented presenter in the courtroom, as he understands how to effectively question witnesses and relay information. 

Learn why Braden is a great advocate for you in the courtroom.

Jennifer Short

Associate Attorney

Jenn strives to make wills, trusts, and other 'end of life' documents easy for everyone to understand. Her strategy: figure out what the clients need and make it happen. If you're ready to get your estate planning done efficently and effectively, Jenn is here for you.

Discover how Jenn can help you build, protect, and transfer your wealth.

Practice Areas

We provide the foundation you need to live the best life possible.

Estate Planning
Trust and Estate Administration
Probate Litigation
Tax Planning
Personal Injury Litigation
Vaccine Injuries

"Countless individuals around the country have had adverse reactions to vaccines. We fight to give you the compensation you deserve." — Braden Blumenstiel

It's More Common Than You Would Think

Vaccines do not pose any serious risk for most of the population. However, it is widely accepted that, like any medicine, they can and do cause side effects in a small percentage of their recipients. In these situations, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program may provide you with a financial settlement.

Rather than suing the pharmaceutical company or the doctor who administered the vaccine, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program offers a no-fault payout on behalf of unsuspecting victims. Still, before you receive compensation, you must file a petition and pass the approval process. Contact us today to see if you could be a candidate.  

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Chameleons of the Law

A Complementary Duo Dedicated to You

The Yin-Yang Factor

We are often described as being each other’s opposites, but we complement each other well. Greg has the warm, down-to-earth demeanor that our clients know and love. He thrives off of meeting new people and always strives to make the estate planning and probate processes as efficient and stress-free as they can be. 

Braden, on the other hand, shines when he is preparing evidence and presenting in trial. Sometimes, he will spend 14 hours straight researching for a case and leave the office with complete satisfaction. He is full of intensity, yet always composed and professional, which benefits him and his clients in the courtroom. 

If there’s one thing the two of us agree on, it’s the importance of being objective and pragmatic. We’re both resourceful problem solvers by nature, and that trait carries over into how we practice law. Therefore, we try to adapt our styles to best fit the situation we are in. 

Our Approach to Trial 

In the courtroom, we are as aggressive as the case calls for. We tailor the amount of risk we take to the level our client is comfortable with. Some cases require strong-willed representation, and others benefit from a more collaborative technique. Rather than using the same strategy each time, we prefer to customize our plan of action.