Our asset protection services allow you to live without fear of losing your hard-earned money and property to the government, creditors, or a lawsuit. We work hard to protect you, your family, and your business from major financial crises, so you can sleep at night knowing your money is safe. 

At DuPont & Blumenstiel we understand that one of the most important aspects of your estate plan is the protection component. What good is it to plan your legacy if your assets are eaten away by taxes and creditors? Our experienced estate planning attorneys in Dublin, Ohio provide more than just documents. We provide holistic legal, financial, and tax strategies to protect your family’s wealth. 

Our asset protection strategies are tailored to your unique situation, and may include: 

  • Entity structuring such as limited liability companies 

  • Estate planning through wills and trusts 

  • Exemption of assets under state law 

  • Domestic and offshore asset protection trusts 

As a member of the Asset Protection Council®, we offer a breakthrough system that allows our clients to have the full protection of an offshore plan without the complexity, cost, or reporting requirements that drive most away from offshore. Our unique Asset Protection Trust integrates the best domestic tools such as Limited Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations, and avoids foreign reporting requirements, 3520s and excessive offshore trustee fees. 

7 Reasons to Protect Your Assets 

  • You own a small business that is vulnerable to potential lawsuits. 

  • You have a substantial amount of money saved for retirement that you don’t want to lose. 

  • You are concerned about your beneficiaries being involved in lawsuits, a divorce, or other legal action in the future. 

  • You want to protect your hard-earned income from excessive taxes. 

  • You’re concerned about the unstable economic climate impacting your financial situation. 

  • By transferring your assets to a business entity or trust, you separate your assets from your personal information. This can shield your assets if your identity is stolen or hacks into your financial accounts. 

  • Asset protection law requires that planning take place long before there is any sign of a lawsuit. The time to prepare is now, while the waters are calm. 

The Bridge Trust 

The Bridge Trust® is a breakthrough asset protection concept that "bridges" the best features of the Foreign Asset Protection Trust (FAPT) and the Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT). It combines the strength of a fully offshore asset protection trust, with the ease of use and low maintenance of a simple domestic grantor trust. By having your assets in this trust, you protect them from U.S. courts and creditors. 

The Bridge Trust® starts out abroad, with a foreign trustee in place. The trust is then moved back to the US for tax purposes. At this point, the IRS will consider it a Simple Domestic Grantor Trust. The trust will not need to file a separate tax return or ANY foreign trust compliance forms. Because of this, the Bridge Trust® is as easy to use and maintain as a Revocable Living Trust. And if there is ever an "event of duress", the foreign trustee can be activated. 

The Bridge Trust® offers our clients the following benefits: 

  • The trust begins in a vetted Asset Protection Jurisdiction - The Cook Islands. 

  • As trustee, the client maintains direct control over the trust until and unless the trust assets are threatened. 97% of Asset Protection Council® clients remain trustee of their trust and can safely pass assets onto their children. 

  • There is no need for excessive filing and reporting to the IRS. Clients won't need to file a 3520 or FinCen114. 

  • The trust is NOT limited to using one of the DAPT jurisdictions, which continue to have a poor track record of actually protecting assets. 

  • Our clients can always expect to receive 5-star service from us and our network of professionals- without paying outrageous maintenance fees. 

Key Concepts of Asset Protection 

Below, you can watch our Key Concepts series and learn more about asset protection. Topics include: 

  • Separate ownership 

  • How to use a trust 

  • What an irrevocable trust is 

  • What spendthrift provisions are 

  • What self-settled trusts are 

  • What jurisdiction means in the legal and financial industries 

  • How offshore accounts give our clients an edge 

  • A cost vs. benefit analysis of our product 

  • The benefits and limitations of domestic accounts 

  • What the Bridge Trust® is 

  • How to use a COP entity 

  • What fraudulent conveyance is 

  • What can make you the target of a lawsuit 

  • How to get started protecting your assets 

Click here to view the whole video series.

Without adequate safeguards, your years of hard-earned savings are at risk. The experienced estate planning attorneys at DuPont & Blumenstiel in Dublin, Ohio are prepared to help you continue growing and protecting your wealth. Call 614-389-9711 to schedule an asset protection evaluation. 

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Greg DuPont, JD, CFP®, is a well-respected estate attorney, financial advisor, public speaker, and published author. He has been serving clients as an estate and tax planning attorney since graduating from Capital University Law School in 1992 and added a wealth component to his practice over 15 years ago. He designed his firm to be the place where finance and law meet. He has been named one of Ohio’s Top 100 lawyers and was also recently named an Ohio Super Lawyer. Greg has been featured on WTVN radio and WCMH television.