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Gregory S. DuPont May 7, 2019

THE PILOT MYSTERIES  We’ve got a special treat for you this edition. It’s my pleasure to announce that our firm is releasing our very own serialized mystery series. You read that right. I’ve always valued educating my clients on estate planning, but who says you can’t have a little fun in the process? Below, you’ll find the opening to vol. 1 of “The Pilot Mysteries,” our noir-inspired series starring a dashing estate planner caught in ...  CONTINUE READING

HOW LIQUID ASSETS CAN TRANSFORM YOUR ESTATE PLAN AND YOUR FAMILY’S FUTURE  One important goal of estate planning is easing the financial burden and emotional stress on your family. Proper preparation and foresight can make all the difference for your loved ones in the ...  CONTINUE READING

BRAVE LITTLE CHER AMI  Long before the invention of radios and cellphones, homing pigeons were used to send messages as early as the sixth century. During World War I, war pigeons carried lifesaving messages past enemy lines for the American and French armies, often being wounded in the process. In 1918, Cher Ami, a black check hen used by...  CONTINUE READING