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Gregory S. DuPont July 1, 2020

INDEPENDENCE DAY WITHIN US  Here we are in July, and all of the Fourth of July celebrations here have been canceled. At least July 8 is "Compliment Your Mirror" day, so I hope you all give yourselves a chance to celebrate that to its fullest potential. As a lawyer and as a person, I know how important it is to be supportive of ourselves and to advocate for ourselves. Everyone talks about how uncertain these times are, but to ... CONTINUE READING

MAKE YOUR GAME NIGHTS EXTRA SPECIAL Families around the world are finding new ways to spend time with each other, and their homes are changing accordingly. Whether your family members are video gamers, movie enthusiasts, or board game fans, everyone can benefit from having a dedicated entertainment room. Here are some tips for putting ... CONTINUE READING

NO PHOTOS ALLOWED What is traveling without taking photos? With the excellent cameras on our smartphones and endless platforms to share our snapshots on, we’re taking more pictures than ever. But did you know there are certain destinations where visitors are not allowed to take photos? Here are three places where you must ... CONTINUE READING