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Trust and Estate Administration

Gregory S. DuPont, JD, CFP

Survivor's Trust vs. Joint Trust

A joint trust can be structured so that when one spouse passes away, the trust is split into two sub-trusts: a survivor’s trust and a decedent’s trust.

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Laura Blumenstiel, JD

A Guide to Probate Administration in Ohio

The process of settling the estate of a loved one can be time consuming and emotionally draining. Finding your footing within the complex legal system can be a challenge, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. In this blog post, we'll walk you through some key information to help guide you through the probate process with confidence.

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Gregory S. DuPont

Does a Trustee Have Authority to Sell Assets?

When administering a trust, the trustee might encounter situations in which they need to convert trust assets into cash to provide liquidity to the trust. This could mean selling stocks, bonds, real estate, or other high-value assets to generate funds. Though this decision must be based on prudent investor rules or standards and be in the best interest of the beneficiaries, trustees generally don't need beneficiary approval to liquidate or sell trust property.

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Gregory S. DuPont, JD CFP

Collecting on Your Deceased Spouse's Loans

What happens if someone passes away before their debt is paid off? Or, what if someone loans a friend money and that friend dies before the loan is paid off? Can someone else collect on these debts? If your loved one dies and you believe they were owed money at the time of their death, keep the following in mind...

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Gregory S. DuPont

Widows: What to Do When Your Spouse Had a Trust with Disclaimer Provisions

Losing a loved one, especially a spouse, is one of the most difficult things you may face in life. Surely you'll need to take time to grieve, and there are also crucial steps to be taken to wrap up your spouse's estate. If your spouse's will or trust had a disclaimer provision, there are some time-sensitive decisions that you'll need to make

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Gregory S. DuPont, JD, CFP

How to Choose the Right Trustee

Trustee(s) are in charge of handling all aspects of your trust. So, it is important to select your trustee(s) carefully. By better understanding the responsibilities of a trustee, you'll be better equipped to select the right person for the job.

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Gregory DuPont, JD, CFP

Investment vs. Distribution Trustees

There will come a time when someone needs to take over (either because of illness or death). When that time comes, it can be helpful to divide the responsibilities between two or more successor trustees. For example, you may decide to have one trustee manage accounts and property and another trustee handle distributions to beneficiaries.

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