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Financial Planning

Jennifer Short

Estate Planning for Lottery Winners

If you're fortunate enough to have a winning lottery ticket, it is important to carefully consider how you want to handle your unexpected windfall. There is an unfortunate pattern of lottery winners blowing their new wealth. You don't want to be one of them, even if your prize is much smaller than those mentioned.

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Jennifer Short, JD

3 Ways to Protect Your Family if You Lose Your Job

We get it, losing your job feels like a crisis. But, you can turn this crisis into an opportunity as long as you take steps to protect yourself and your family. Don't panic. Here are three things you can do to stay afloat during this in between stage.

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Gregory S. DuPont, JD, CFP

Pros and Cons of a Family Limited Partnership

Owning your own business or investment portfolio can be incredibly rewarding. But if you don't protect it, all your hard work could be for nothing. Some of our clients choose to create a family limited partnership (FLP) to protect their assets, themselves, and their families from taxes, creditors, and probate.

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Gregory S. DuPont, JD, CFP

How to Leave Your Retirement Account to Your Minor Child

Your retirement account may be one of the most valuable things you own. Many people choose to name their children as the beneficiaries of these accounts. They think it is a way to easily transfer their wealth if something happens to them. But, that assumption is only partially true. Some factors make this type of transfer more complicated than you might think, especially if your child is a minor.

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