Where There’s a Will, There’s Way

A will is a formal legal document directing the settlement of your estate and the distribution of your assets according to your wishes. Without a will, the intestacy laws of your state will determine the distribution of assets. Only through a formal legal will can you designate your own executor, guardians for minor children, and other fiduciaries.

Even those who have shifted the majority of their assets into trusts or who use joint ownership for property should draw up a will. While these methods are designed to bypass probate (the judicial process that establishes the validity of a will), they do not cover all assets. A will, however, does have the potential to cover all assets, leaving no property unaccounted for, and no stone unturned.

Wills are a means of providing security, both for yourself and your loved ones. A qualified legal professional can help ensure that your will is properly written and contributes to the overall success of your estate plan.

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