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Jordan Hollins, Administrative Assistant April 2, 2024

As an estate planning law firm, we often come across clients who, beyond securing their own futures, are fervent about safeguarding the well-being of all their loved ones. This includes those with fur, feathers, and fins too! That's right, we're talking about our loyal companions, our pets! This blog post is inspired by one such client, a 75-year-old gentleman, whose devotion towards his pets especially caught our attention.

The Urgency of Estate Planning

It's best to get your estate planning documents started when you're young and healthy. But sometimes, unforeseen health circumstances come up and things need to be done quickly.

In this case specifically, our client was in desperate need of estate planning help. His financial advisor had be calling law firms left and right to no avail. Some firms never called back, others never even answered the phone in the first place!

We were deeply concerned that this gentleman was getting the runaround from so many other estate planning law firms, and quickly set up a meeting.

Our Connection with Estate Planning Clients

We instantly connected with this compassionate client. During the entire process his main concern was making sure his assets were used to benefit all the things he loved in life: his cats, his supported charities and all the people he calls family. Although he has no immediate family members, he choose to create a Dynasty Trust to provided a college fund for extended family members for generations to come.

When we first met with him, he gushed about his beloved cats. He even gave us biographies about each one! When we realized the depth of his love for his pets, we knew we had to suggest a Pet Trust.

Using a Pet Trust to Provide for Your Animals After Your Gone

A Pet Trust is a legal document providing for the care and maintenance of one or more companion animals in the event of your disability or death. The assets allocated in a pet trust ensure that your beloved furry friends receive the care they need when you can no longer care for them. In the trust, you can also name someone to take care of your pet. This person can then use the trust’s money to pay for pet-related expenses.

Our client's case is a fine example of how Pet Trusts can help prioritize your pets and guarantee their well-being.

Creating an Estate Plan That Prioritizes Your Family

Whether your family comprises humans, pets, or both, The Law Offices of DuPont and Blumenstiel in Dublin, Ohio is dedicated to helping you secure their futures. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop strong relationships with our clients, understand their unique needs, and provide them with tailored estate planning solutions. Pet Trusts and Dynasty Trusts are just one of the many ways we can help ensure you leave behind a legacy of love and care.

Our team is here to support you long after your documents are completed. We still receive emails from this client every week to chat about what's going on in his life. Whether you have questions about your documents, need help with trust funding and updating banking institutions, or just want to catch up, we're here for you. Just give us a call at 614-389-9711.

Does your situation or goal sound similar to this client's? Lean more about estate planning documents available to you by downloading our Consumer's Guide to Estate Planning in Ohio.