Trust and Estate Administration

Our Attorneys represent persons in Probate Courts throughout the State of Ohio from our Dublin office. The Probate Court is a specialized court that deals with all matters relation to the Administration of Decedents Estates, Guardianship over a person or their assets when they are unable to manage their affairs and Disputes related to wills and trusts. Each county has its own Probate Court. In areas like Dublin, that can mean that the proper court is located in Franklin County, Union County, or Madison County depending on where the person resided.

The Probate Court is different than other courts and requires a familiarity with how it operates to avoid costly missteps along the way. As probate attorneys, we have handled a variety of legal issues that range from the simple to the complex and have extensive experience dealing with family conflicts that may arise in the administration of an estate.

Our Probate Practice involves the following:

Estate Administration

This involves administering Trusts, assets (including real estate that is payable on death), and estates (with and without Wills); handling estate taxes; providing guidance to Executors and Administrators; transferring title to assets; payment of debts and many other issues that must be addressed when a loved one passes on.

Probate Litigation

Disputes in the probate court a commonly called Will Contests. However in addition to Will Contests, the probate court is the forum for Trust Disputes, Disputes over Valuation of Estate Assets, Disputes over Interference with an Inheritance, and Improper Claims Against the Estate. Our litigation team has extensive experience in all forms of probate litigation.


Guardianship is the process that must be followed when a person is unable to mange their own affairs due to a lack of competency. The Probate Court appoints a legal guardian to make these decisions for the person (the ward).

Trust Administration

Although a properly drafted and funded trust can avoid the exposure of ones estate to the Probate Process, the administration of a trust can be complicated. We assist trustee's in the process of trust administration to avoid making costly mistakes.

Mental Health Law

We serve as counsel for Mental Health Boards (ADAMHs) throughout the State of Ohio in the Civil Commitment Process when persons are in need of psychiatric treatment and are lacking the insight to seek appropriate care.