The Pilot Mysteries

It’s a pleasure to announce that our firm is releasing our very own serialized mystery series. You read that right. We’ve always valued educating my clients on estate planning, but who says you can’t have a little fun in the process?

Below, you’ll find "The Curious Case Arthuro de Modelo" the vol. 1 of “The Pilot Mysteries,”  our noir-inspired series starring a dashing estate planner caught in the middle of a deadly family feud.

The Lost Boys Black Eye

Another surreal day at the office passed in the awkward, jarring wake of Special Agent Tom Fine and his frankly unpleasant demeanor. Mike came in right after he left and cleaned up the cheese spread, moved it into the second conference room, and Meredith retrieved his cup, cleaning it at the sink and returning it to the rack.

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Blurred man walking downstairs

I sent the license plate number to Detective O’Neil that evening by email, along with a brief summary of Mike’s story, and the photo of the man who might very well have been Stupid Gandalf. Unfortunately, the reply I received in return was not nearly the springing-into-action response I’d been looking for. He said that the FBI had taken over ...

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Chapter 7

By the time I arrived at work the next morning, I’d developed the surreal impression that the entire abduction had been a dream. I’d slept well, a deep and exhausted form of sleep I hadn’t encountered in years, and I awoke to a delicious breakfast prepared by my still-shotgun-wielding wife. I had the feeling that shotgun might be around a ...

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Group of Beekeepers

Detective Douglas O’Neil was a round man with a round face and black, rectangular glasses, sitting behind his desk finishing some paperwork. He put his pen down and stood as I entered his office, the officer who’d escorted me there gesturing to a chair before leaving us.

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Man in Suit Smoking a Cigar

From the moment Chelsea de Modelo walked into my office to talk about her husband’s accident, I knew that my life was starting to resemble an old Raymond Chandler novel, and that feeling grew steadily with each passing day.

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People at Funeral

In the weeks following the hearing, I was amazed at Chelsea’s resilience. Even if nothing of legal importance at all had been going on, her husband had been in a near-fatal car accident. I’ve seen people lose all functionality after the stress and terror of such a thing. But as bad as that scenario is, it’s even worse when the ...

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Car Flipping Over And Smoke Coming Out From the Car

The next morning when I greeted Chelsea de Modelo outside the Probate courtroom that she had been doing a lot of thinking. She wore a smart, striped blazer with a long black skirt and high heels, and her brow, though not at all prominent, seemed fixed in a faintly defined furrow. She had a Starbucks cup in her hand so ...

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Men Wearing Sunglasses in A Dark Background

The hearing for the living will dispute was scheduled for the following morning, and despite the gravity of the situation and the stakes involved, I really wasn’t worried about it. I had known Arturo for a long time...

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Black Cab

Chelsea de Modelo didn’t have an appointment when she arrived late that afternoon, but Meredith showed her back to my office anyway, partly because I was available and mostly because of her tears. Only a few months had passed since...

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