I started working here in February of 2022 as a receptionist, and since then my responsibilities have grown. My typical workday includes answering incoming phone calls and helping that caller in whatever way I can. This could be scheduling their first estate planning appointment or simply transferring the call to another member of the team that can best help them. When I’m not managing the phones, I am printing, preparing, and mailing any documents that need to be sent out, assembling estate plan folders, and helping to prepare estate plan documents before signing.

Before I joined the team here, I was actually a daycare teacher. I throroughly enjoyed my job and love working with children, but I decided for a career change. I hope to go back to school this fall and obtain a degree in HR to further my career.

I would describe this law firm as honest, reliable, and compassionate.

When I'm not at work, I'm acutally in the process of creating a small hobby farm/homestead for my family. My boyfriend and I closed on a 5-acre property recently, and we’re very excited to get started! My goal is to be able to create products that I can share with the community, using the resources I have at home. I currently have horses and goats, and will be adding chickens, cows, and pigs by this fall. We are also creating a large garden and hope to eventually have an active beehive to support it.

If you are thinking about creating an estate plan, but are hesitant, I would say just start! Before working here, I never put much thought into estate planning, but after seeing the sense of peace that families feel after signing their documents, I realized that I need to take care of my estate as well. I don’t want my two sons to have to worry about what mom or dad would want down the road. I would be happy to get you scheduled to meet with one of our attorneys. You can give our office a call at 614-389-9711.