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I'm an administrative assistant here at DuPont & Blumenstiel, and one of the first points of contact when you call in to schedule your estate plan. Every day, I schedule appointments for our attorneys and help our clients fill out and send in the necessary paperwork that goes along with it.

I started working here in October of 2018, actually in the litigation department. I handled intakes and answered questions as clients came in and update them on their cases. Since then, I've transitioned into the estate planning side of things under Attorney Greg DuPont. 

To anyone that is feeling hesitant about estate planning, I would recommend to just make that initial phone call and start the process. I know it's a scary topic to think about, and not fun to think about, but it will take a great burden off your family should you pass away. My father didn't have any documents prepared when he suddenly passed away, and it was very difficult for my mother to make those decisions for herself, for him, and for my sister and I.

Three words I would use to describe DuPont and Blumenstiel would be approachable, friendly and efficient. We're not your typical law firm. Everyone here is super down to earth.

My favorite part about working here is my team. Everyone is extremely respectful, helpful, and will jump in at a moments notice when anything is needed. It's a great work environment.

My amazing husband and 2 children inspire me every day. They are the reason I come to work and set an example that you can be a working mother and still have a great family life.